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guts  grace  GLORY

The three Gs. 😬

guts: Some days I am guttural…and I will share with you from the guts of my soul. This isn’t always pretty, but I promise to be real, and raw, and me. I have yet to successfully master being me, so I sure don’t have the energy to try and be someone else. And, you might just bust a gut laughing at some of the situations I find myself in.  I have a knack for landing myself smack dab in the middle of craziness. True story!

grace: At other times, I hope to be graceful. I was given some good but tough advice in the wee hours the morning after Rhett was killed. I was told to be as elegant as possible. Whew! That was a challenge, but God gave me grace, and I did the best I could the next few days while writing an obituary, standing through a marathon visitation and viewing the body of my precious son on what happened to be my 45th birthday, and laying him to rest on New Year’s Eve.  I wasn’t actually elegant, but I wasn’t a complete train wreck either. Some of my behavior was based on shock, but I  mostly  attribute the fact that I survived that week on the unmerited grace of God. Goodness GRACIOUS, I’d be so lost without his grace. I need it daily!

GLORY: I am rarely, if ever, glorious…but you should see my God! He is full of glory. His ways are glorious, His love is glorious, and His plan is glorious, even when I cannot make a bit of sense out of it! I hope to use my words and His words and the words of others to celebrate HIS glory.

 I hope you will be blessed and challenged by this G3 experience!

Panel 1


This is us! The Herings! JLRRM

We were a “perfect” family of five before the accident that took our Rhett Jett away and changed us all forever.  Now, we are a perfectly broken family of four that laughs, smiles, cherishes old memories, makes new memories, and struggles daily to make sense of our loss and at the same time not lose our senses!

We love God and we love each other.

Jimmy and I have been married since January of 1993. We are best friends and lovers and everything in between. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it is a priority and that makes all the difference. 😍

Ryan was born in 1999. He is a brilliant young man who loves God, basketball, friends and family.  He will be graduating from McGregor in May of 2017 and will be moving to College Station in the fall to attend  ATM. We will miss him, but we are so thankful he gets to go chase his dreams.

I think I’m supposed to “Whoop” here! 😬

Mara was born in 2003. She is our sweetheart girl, and she does it all: student council, basketball, volleyball, softball, track, cheerleading, honors academics, etc. The most important thing she does is love God and live well. She is finishing up junior high this spring and will be starting high school in the fall.

I think I’m supposed to cringe here! 😳

Rhett was born in 2000. He was full of life, laughter, love and joy. He was the full meal deal…all that and a bag of chips. He was an includer, an encourager, and an adventurer. He loved people so well, and he was fluent in so many love languages! He lived wide open every single moment of the 5655 days he was given. Due to a tragic Polaris accident, Rhett graduated from this earth to his Heavenly Home on December 28, 2015. It was our worst day ever, but…

I think I’m supposed to “trust” here! 😢

Meet me in the confessional:

1. I confess that I normally have every intention of doing what is right and good, and yet, I don’t always do what I am supposed to do.

2. I dye my hair. I figure that you probably guessed that from the pic collage above, but I felt the need to go ahead and get that out there in the spirit of keeping things real!

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So…what’s are you waiting for?

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